Telephone Systems designed around your business so you can work from anywhere

Our Telephone Systems are Designed to be Efficient, Cost Effective and Resiliant

The telephone is still the leading way we communicate, especially with businesses both small and large, it provides that voice at the end of the line which gives you reassurance to new and potential customers and to validate your company and differentiate you from rogue traders!
Telephones as we knew them have moved on and the flexibility and presence a system can now give you is a major tool in offering flexibility to your business and team.
With so many options to choose from it can be confusing to know which system is best for you and when you add in the number of providers available it becomes completely mind-boggling! We’re here to help you navigate the minefield and get through all the jargon to find the perfect telephone system for you.
Whether you want a traditional telephone system or a hosted system we offer both and can explain the differences to you easily and simply. Our systems can be tailored to your specific requirements whether you just need a couple of handsets, a larger system across multiple locations, phones for people to have at their remote location or home based office or even ‘softphones’ so you can call from your laptop, mobile or tablet wherever you are whilst appearing to be in the office, we can help! Our telephone systems have been tested extensively and can cover everything you need.
Just a few of the things we can offer:

• Fully maintained systems
• Individually designed systems implemented for your requirements
• Call recording
• Voicemail
• Music on hold
• Call conference facilities
• Home or separate remote location based facilities
• ‘Softphone’ facilities
• Reporting capabilities
Our hosted systems also give you the flexibility to have a full disaster recovery / business continuity system where, if the worst happens, you and your staff can abandon ship and continue to work as normal from home or a temporary office at the flick of a switch, combine this with the other services offered from the We Do your Group to enable a fully working office system suitable for even the worst disasters!
If you have never worked with us before the first thing you will notice is that excellent customer service is at the core of everything we do. We promise to always put you, our customers, first each and every time. Each of our dedicated team members are empowered to go the extra mile for you, not just once but each and every time they speak to you so they can be sure that you feel involved, welcomed and most important valued as our customer.

For more details give Brian a call on 0117 982 9666 to see how we can help!

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